Monnica Sepulveda
Medium, Intuitive Therapist and Numerologist
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Monnica is the author of Internal Equalizer- Access Your
Intuition On Cue!  This 3- cassette tape package which will
eventually become available on CD, has been designed to
assist you in moving through difficult experiences, drastically
reducing your stress levels, releasing and healing you mentally
emotionally, spiritually and physically from painful
 experiences, past or present.  Finally, these amazing tapes
are also designed to help you develop your intuition.
Monnica also has a subliminal tape for children. This tape
is designed to raise self esteem and self worth.
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Currently Monnica is writing 3 books which is will be

released in the near future. In one of her books, the topic is so

top secret, that all she is willing to say is "Get ready to have
your mind blown." This book will finally resolve a 75 year
old mystery."  She knows that after reading this book, someone
is going to want to make a film about it. Yes, it's that good!