Monnica Sepulveda
Medium, Intuitive Therapist and Numerologist
Internal Equalizer - Access Intuition On Cue!


    The mind has always been a mystery, and the small percentage that
we use has truly limited our ability to obtain that which we want in
life.  Those “things” that we work so hard for are not really what
we want as much as how they make us feel inside.

    When we were born we were not given an owner’s manual for our
mind. Through time and experience, we’ve had to figure it out for
ourselves.  It has been a slow process until now. The Internal Equalizer
will teach you specific tools and the latest simple technologies that
allow you to store, access and retrieve information, positive states
of mind, personal power, or peak performance on cue!  As you break
free from unresourceful states of mind such as worry, fear, self doubt,
insecurity anger, guilty and depression, you have new resources that
will allow you to access the finer frequencies known as intuition
or inner guidance.  Intuition IS the highest form of intelligence!

    In this three-cassette program you’ll experience a fun, exciting and
profound journey, that begins on a magic carpet.  Ultimately, a Star ship
will take you to your destination….the Planet of Abundance!
Along the way, you will meet “special guides” who will instruct you
on how to use your own Internal Equalizer!

   The integration process in the beautiful Crystalline Theater is moving,
impactful and will leave you with a feeling of peace and a powerful
loving connection with all of life…in all dimensions!

The Internal Equalizer is designed to work when you are fully
associated to the experience.  "Imbedded commands" are placed
throughout the journey to anchor positive mental states into your
subconscious mind.

    The beautiful original music has been written in specific keys that
open the heart center, stimulate the brain and keep you alert.

"All knowledge and information is available to everyone by 'going within,'
unfortunately most people don't take the time to do this.  We live in two
worlds and most people only focus their time and energy on the outer
world of appearances or as Monnica refers to as "the illusion."

Monnica says "When people finally connect the dots; that our inner world
creates our outer reality we will master our life.   Einstein said E=Mc2. 
Energy turns to matter.  Our thoughts, beliefs, visualizations are all energy
and this is what we are constantly communicating to the Universe, our
'Higher Power.'  Then our Higher Power goes to work and gives us what
we are constantly feeling and thinking about all day long.  This is what
manifests and becomes our reality and our experience here on Earth."
Believe it or not. Think about it. Look at your life and you'll see that it's
all cause and effect.  To believe otherwise is as crazy as looking in a mirror
 with a frown on your face expecting the reflection to smile back at you.
  That will NEVER happen."

This exciting program is a also a major effort in the reduction of a growing
dependency on others for answers to our challenges, & in the understanding
of our lessons in life.  "All you have to do is 'go within' every day and you'll
find your own answers Why?  Because guidance comes from intuition
and intuition comes from within.  It's so simple. All you have to do is
listen and trust."  It's a great journey, so enjoy your journey!