The Game of Life -

As It's Really Meant To Be Played

By Chris Morris

The only thing that is possible is that you can create a pattern in the field, energize it, pop
it into the hologram, and convince yourself its real. But you can’t actually feel that way,
because it isn’t who you are.

What’s going on in the hologram has no significance, except in what it stimulates in you
and gives you as an opportunity to reclaim power. As mentioned earlier, people play three
roles in your life. They reflect something back to you that you're thinking or feeling about
yourself, they give you a cognitive piece of information or insight that’s valuable, or they
set something in motion for you.  We create the characters in our movie to play a specific
role in order to help us see the particular issue, so we see that this is still in our
consciousness, so we can go back in and reclaim some more power from it.

Actors and actresses, say what you tell them to say, do what you tell them to do when
they're playing that role of reflecting something back to you. And then once we get the
reflection, there is no need for them to do the objectionable action anymore, so they
stop because we have changed not them.

In the area of energy or resources, we’ve been taught the real purpose for money in the
human game is a means of exchange. It makes it easier to be able to exchange goods and
services. There are all these stories about where money came from and it started out at
first when they traded livestock. And then it became impractical because you can’t cut
a cow in thirds if you’re buying something that’s less than a cow. So they needed to come
up with another way. And then it went to coins and then it went to this, then it went to that,
now it’s electronic. But it’s thought of as just a means of exchange.

But no, the real purpose of money is to express appreciation for the magnificence of our
creations as we experience them. That’s what it was really designed to do and what it was
meant for. Because of that, we obviously need to make a shift in what we’re doing every
day. Based on what you now know, if you’re in a restaurant and you hand a waiter or
waitress some cash or you write a check to somebody, who are you paying? If you had
a dream last night and in the dream you handed somebody $100, did you really hand
anybody $100? No. It’s all made up in your consciousness. There’s nobody to pay.

Now, here’s another question I want you to consider. If money disappeared from the
planet tomorrow, what would really change? Would there not be any food in the grocery
store anymore?  Would people not be able to come and get their teeth worked on? Would
you not be able to get on an airplane?

Nothing that goes on in the world would change at all, except one thing. What is it?
There would be no show of appreciation. You wouldn’t be saying to somebody, “I got
these goods from you, I got this food from you at the restaurant, I got this shirt from
you at the clothing store, I want to give you this back,” which in a sense is a thank you.
We look at it as an obligation, but in truth we’re saying, “I have received this from you,
I give you this back,” in appreciation of the gift.

In the level one game, we’ve distorted the hell out of it. Appreciation has turned into
obligation. You have to do it. I have less now, all this kind of stuff. But in essence, if
you look at it even in the hologram, all you’re doing is saying thank you, in a sense,
when you give them the money.

Breaking loose of limitation revolves around appreciating yourself as the creator of
everything that is happening to you, appreciating your creation of the level one disguises;
which means all the stuff that isn’t real, that you thought was real.

Appreciating your Self for creating those things and how magnificent they are that they’ve
been created. And here’s one you’ll have fun with. Appreciating the fact that you made
those disguises so annoying, so frustrating and so painful that they successfully kept you
away from your knowledge and your awareness of who you really were and all the power
that you had. You had to be brilliant and relentless in order to create a dynamic where that
was the case, because of this being true, and truly appreciating all that you have right now.

So every time you write a check or you hand somebody some cash, or whatever it is
you would say is an exchange of money, you want to simultaneously appreciate your
creation, yourself as the creator and the benefits that you receive. Now, this doesn’t
mean you only appreciate it if you would label what happened as good or fun or
something you wanted.
If you go into a restaurant and a waiter or waitress gives you lousy service and you don’t
like the food, or it was cold or whatever might happen, is that any less appreciable, given
what you now know about what creates things in your hologram?
They don’t have a kitchen that sucks. Their chef didn’t mess up. They don’t use poor
quality beef. The waiter or waitress isn’t having a bad day or they’re just a jerk because
their father didn’t treat them well when they were growing up. You created them to give
you the exact experience that you have. So even if you would judge the experience, you
can still appreciate your creation. You can still appreciate yourself as a creator and maybe
you could say you drop out this last piece, but you still probably got some benefits because,
at this point, the experience is helping you to reinforce your perception. So you still got a
benefit because they gave you an opportunity to appreciate how much power you have, so
you can still thank them for that.
Go down every single line item on the credit card statement and go through this for every
single thing, remembering what it is that you did. And at the time you signed the credit
card slip, no money actually transferred at that moment. But when you sign it, you express
the appreciation. And then you do it again, when going down the credit card statement,
there are some things that you’ll order over the internet or you’ll order through the mail
or whatever it is, and you’re not signing anything. So the first time you ever see it, it is a
line item on the credit card statement, and we need to actually physically go down the line
items and say, “Oh, dinner at that place. I created that restaurant, I created that waitress,
I created that meal, I created the martini I had, I created the whatever it is.” And you get
into this space of massive appreciation for the creation, for yourself as the creator, and
the actual benefits you received from the situation when you did it.

When you wonder why am I doing this to myself? That’s the time to realize you’re having
a blast doing it. It’s pure creativity, pure power, pure wisdom. You just chose to apply it to
a specific game. And then you judge yourself and all this stuff we’re talking about. But
you’re having the time of your life in pure creative joy, creating all of these things. You’ve
just convinced yourself it’s the opposite. But you’re having the time of your life.

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