The Game of Life -

As It's Really Meant To Be Played

By Chris Morris

The thing about the habit is you can’t do it automatically without the feeling.  You have
to do it consciously. You can’t put it on autopilot. Make it fun to buy stuff, for this reason.
It does become fun when you really do this. It can’t not be. If you’re appreciating how
amazing you are for creating it and how amazing all of this stuff is, and you’re really
appreciating it, the whole thing becomes fun. And the only time it isn’t is if you’re not
present and you just give them the money and you don’t think about it. You could very
easily pay the parking attendant here.
Now, think about it. But when you move into a situation where every time money is
exchanged, you’re feeling this enormous appreciation for you and for the creation of
it and the benefit you receive, because yes, it’s an illusion, but the reality is it was
convenient for you to be able to put your car in the parking lot here and just walk a
few feet and come into here, versus having to park it a mile away or 6 blocks away
and have to walk. So there was a benefit on top of that. Besides the fact that you
created it and you’re amazing and the whole deal, there was a benefit to it.

This is an absolutely critical point and it’s one of the only tricky parts of doing this
technology. You have to reclaim power to reclaim power, not reclaim power so that
this will go away, not reclaim power so you will have more money, not reclaim power
because you want to produce this specific result. You reclaim power to reclaim power,
and where it takes you, it takes you. Complete detachment.

So what we’re doing when we are reclaiming power is our expanded selves are guiding
us to these strategic places where the dynamite charges are being placed to topple the
structure in place. Our expanded selves are guiding us to these hidden eggs or dynamite
charges. They’re helping us to open them up. They’re helping us to take the power
back.  And they’re helping us to collapse the judgment and the consequences that are
all in there. It’s a gigantic treasure hunt. The power is hidden where you feel discomfort,
and the power is hidden within all of your creations.
Sometimes, you’ve got such an enormous amount of power in an egg – it might take
you a year to reclaim power from something. It might take you 6 months of doing
something 5 times a day. It also might take you one time or 3 times over the course
of a week. It depends how much power you have hidden. But it takes a lot of patience.
It doesn’t happen overnight. And again, it could happen overnight, as we talked about
yesterday, but it wasn’t designed to work that way. It was designed for you to do it piece
by piece, appreciating every movement of how brilliant you were in hiding all of that
power in the first place. So you have to go into it with a lot of patience.

You had to make all of the places you hid the most power so scary, so terrifying, so that
if you go there you’re going to die or get obliterated or lose your marriage or whatever
it is, you had to create those scenarios to keep you away from it because otherwise you
couldn’t play the game. The game would be over. So that is where your expanded self is
going to take you. That is also why it takes so much commitment and discipline, because
this stuff’s going to start to swirl. And the old you is going to think, “Oh my god, here’s
a storm. I’m not going to be able to survive this thing. This thing’s going to swoop in and
take up and destroy me kind of a thing,” if you really get into an intense one.

Here’s an overview of the process. Anytime you experience feelings of discomfort or
limitation, you dive right into the middle of it, whatever, would support you. You can
imagine it’s a vibrating ball of energy. You can imagine it’s a vortex in a body of water.
You can imagine it’s a hurricane, whatever you do. Or you can just feel it, whatever it
is. Everybody’s different. We all have a different way of doing it. But whatever it is,
however you get a hold of it, you dive right into the middle of it.

You feel the energy that is there as fully as you can. And if you can escalate the intensity
of it, not creating it but allowing yourself to feel more and more and more and more of 
what’s there, the more you feel, the more power you reclaim. You can’t screw it up.
There’s no wrong way to do it. You do what you’re able to do. If you get to a point where
you feel like you’re going to be overwhelmed by this energy, you can stop. If you feel like
you can keep escalating it, you can escalate it. It’s up to you. But you dive right into the
middle of whatever it is that you perceive it as, and you feel it as fully as you are willing
to allow yourself to do. When it reaches a peak, either on its own or you’ve escalated it,
and you’ve escalated it to a point where as best as you can tell it hit a peak, and then the
intensity is going to start to drop off. And don’t get overly anal and beat yourself up about,
“I’ve got to find the perfect place. And if it tails off and starts to drop in intensity, then
I screwed it up and I’m an idiot.”   The first thing you do is you tell what the truth is.
“I’m the one creating this. It’s not real. It’s completely made up.” And I actually say
this to myself. You don’t have to say these exact words, because it’s the intent. It’s a
creation of my consciousness and I reclaim my power from this creation now.”

The egg’s been popped open. You’re calling it what it is. You used to say things like,
“This sucks! I’m limited. I don’t like this. This is scary.” Adding more power to the
egg, right?

Now, whatever your wording is will work, my wording is, “I am the power and presence
of God,” really feeling it, not just mouthing the words, “creating this‘. It’s not real. It’s
completely made up. It’s a creation of my consciousness. I reclaim my power from this
creation now.” And by simply doing this and saying these words at the end, you take a
chunk back. And at that point, you may notice that the intensity that you were feeling
disappears. You may notice that it has dropped in intensity or you may notice that it’s
still there. It doesn’t matter.

You have still reclaimed a big chunk of the power by doing this because your expanded
self is helping you through this process. But you still have to go through the process,
because in the egg is the opposite of all of this. In the egg is, “This is something outside
of me that is overcoming me in this moment. It’s real. It’s scary. I really don’t have the
money to pay this bill,” or whatever it is.

The final step is you then move on to appreciate the whole deal. I created that bill. I created
that fear that I couldn’t pay it. I created the checking account that only appeared to have
$500.  Isn’t that amazing? How could I have ever convinced myself I was so limited?

I say, “I am the power and presence of God.” I’m reaffirming who I really am. “My
consciousness is creating everything that I experience.” And sometimes, I’ll say
everything again at the end. “My consciousness is creating everything I experience –
everything.” This is all in consciousness.

Remember, it’s not the words that matter, it’s the feeling behind them and what they
suggest that matters. And then I say this. “I’m the power and presence of God. My
consciousness is creating everything I experience. There’s no power out there, not
in anyone, not in anything.” Constantly reaffirming to myself what’s true. And then
I define it to myself in this way. “I am in infinite abundance right now.”
And I say to myself, “Infinite power,” and I say it and feel the words. Infinite creativity.
And I feel it, because that’s what’s going on in the field. That’s what my whole hologram
is being made from. I feel it. And then I define it to myself in this way. “I am in infinite
abundance right now.”

And I feel it, because that’s what’s going on in the field. That’s what my whole hologram is
being made from. I feel it. Infinite feelings of joyfulness, no matter what’s going on, because
that’s our natural state. Joyful all the time, no matter what’s going on. Infinite feelings of
peace, no matter what’s going on. Infinite feelings of unconditional love and appreciation
for myself, others and my creations, no matter what it looks like.