Monnica Sepulveda
Medium, Intuitive Therapist and Numerologist
About Me


Monnica's radio career began in 1978 and has been a
guest on very popular radio shows across the nation too
numerous to list.  She is sought after by many radio shows
and popular DJ’s because of her accuracy but also because
she’s not your typical intuitive.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing her give a
reading, go back to the Home page and click on the Radio
Broadcast links to listen to her positive style, sense of
humor, inspirational and solution oriented readings.  It
will immediately cause you to want to speak to her and
receive guidance for your life.

As a medium she is also capable of communicating with
those who have crossed over, and many radio shows book
her just to do this type of radio show.

While you're at her home page, scroll down and click on
"What Others Have To Say About Monnica."  You'll be
convinced about how effective she is with her clients.
What separates Monnica from other intuitive counselors
is that she is SO accurate, is indeed solution oriented
and she gets results!