Monnica Sepulveda
Medium, Intuitive Therapist and Numerologist
About Me

National Television:
Monnica has appeared on many television shows across the USA.
Some of the national talk shows include Maury Povich,
Jerry Springer,
back in the 1990’s, (before it turned into a circus),
She was also on The Jane Whitney Show in New York.She was a popular guest,
appearing a dozen times on the Leeza Gibbons Show.
Monnica was featured on Talk Soup, with Greg Kinnear. She appeared
on an Infomercial and was an adviser to Linda Georgian and Dionne Warwicke
of "The Psychic Friends Network." Monnica also had her own
International Internet TV show broadcasting from London each week with The People's Network.
Monnica was invited to appear on other shows such as Montel Williams, Joan River’s,
Ricki Lake, Hard Copy and The Other Side, but due to scheduling conflicts, she was unable to appear.