Monnica Sepulveda
Medium, Intuitive Therapist and Numerologist
About Me

 The very popular and nationally known Medium,
Intuitive Therapist, and Numerologist, Monnica
Sepulveda, has been in practice for 43 years, in
Northern California.

Monnica is a gifted telepath and empath since birth. 
She specializes in "Solution Oriented Intuitive
Therapy" and Neuro-Linguistics in relationships,
career and in all health challenges.

She is the only person in the United States that
has combined these two practices along with her
accurate intuition.

She has the gift of communicating with the family
members and friends who have crossed over to their
new experience.  This amazing work brings comfort
to the surviving loved ones, and they know that there
IS life after death after having a session with Monnica.

She is known for her empathy, encouragement,
compassion, sensitivity, odd analogies, sense of
humor as well as her ‘tell it like it is’ style. She
never disrespects, embarrasses or mocks her
clients. Instead she uplifts everyone and teaches
them to believe and to fall in love with themselves
all over again.

Whenever they leave a session with her, they leave
inspired, with the answers they were looking for,
the guidance they needed, lots of tools that they can
use, and they also leave with a huge smile because
she makes them laugh throughout their session,
even if they arrived in tears! 
Now, that's very impressive work! 

Needless to say, Monnica is very effective,
which is why her clientele is enormous, why they
keep referring her to others, and why she's enjoyed
a successful business for over 40 years.