The Game of Life -

As It's Really Meant To Be Played

By Chris Morris

We can look at the human game of life as having two levels of participation. The first level
is where your infinite being or divine essence is hiding your power, exploring limitations
and following the rules of an illusionary universe. The second level is remembering who
you really are, reclaiming the power and energy vested in the veils and illusions of the first
level, and rising above the standard rules of the mass consciousness. It’s the game of
lack and limitation versus joy and unlimited adventure.

We all start out as an infinite divine being with extraordinary power and wisdom. That is
who we really are at our core, but no one has cared to inform us. We incarnate in a physical
body, choosing to come here to explore what would happen if we limited that infinite ability,
power and wisdom. And in order to limit ourselves, we had to construct a game or theatrical
stage for lack of a better metaphor with certain rules and imposed restrictions, built around
an infrastructure to support playing it. At the Earth studio of our vast universe we came here
creating a “total immersion movie experience.”

If you want to limit unlimited power but be able to reclaim it again, which is the level
two part of the game, you have to hide your divinity. You have to forget you ever had it.
Your eternal being participates in your personal journey of self-discovery by leaving
yourself clues about the hidden gems and hiding places, so you can ultimately find your
divinity again. Your eternal self (super soul) acts as your helper to guide and protect you
while you’re blinded (unconscious), which is all part of the journey of self discovery of
the expanded self (soul) within and of the game we have bought into as being real.

Again, if you are this divine being and you hide all of this power and you forget who you
are, if you don’t take care of yourself, you could be lost there and stay there forever. So
you have written the script so that you see yourself as real and involved in life, convincing
yourself you’re the exact opposite of who you really are, exploring limitation and following
the rules that you’ve created to limit yourself. While level two is about reclaiming your
power and rising above those rules of limiting beliefs in order to play a new game.

Divine consciousness is creating everything. And since we are consciousness at our core,
we are creating everything that we experience, everything. The whole human game is
played in consciousness. This is key to really understand, especially when we start to
explore how-to rise above or get out of the illusion.

Consciousness is what physicists call energy, what others call mind, source, God, Christ,
Brahma or different things. There are all kinds of different terms the different spiritual
paths and bodies of thought use to describe how we are created in the image of our Creator.

Consciousness is not physical, mental or emotional, but it creates everything that we call
physical and the subtle bodies. This is one of the trickiest parts. But what I can say to you
is if you choose to make the commitment to level two and to take that journey, all of this
stuff, as tricky as it may seem to you right now, can open up and reveal a whole new way
of life. It may happen while you’re standing in the shower some morning or you’re driving
down the road or whatever it is, and all of a sudden something will happen.

There will be a moment where you’ll say, “Intellectually, I got it. I didn’t 100% believe
it.  I didn’t really integrate it. It wasn’t in my gut. And boom, it just moved there.”

This is one of the most important concepts of the whole thing. In the world of quantum
physics, in its study of holograms and the illusion of physical matter, here is the clue. You
can’t see or experience anything unless your consciousness focuses on the field. And the
minute you focus on the field, raw potential collapses into a limited reality, as directed by
your soul’s intent.

This is another explanation of why you are creating all of the people and all of the things
that are happening to you. You cannot look at anything without changing it. You can’t
look at anything, you can’t focus your consciousness on anything without customizing
it to your unique personality or sense of being. It’s not possible. Not in quantum physics
and also not in truthfulness. The technical term for it in physics is collapsing the wave

You’re not just watching the hologram in your experience. It’s not like you’re sitting in a
movie theater watching it. You’re actually creating the entire environment yourself and
placing yourself within it, and you’re part of it, immersed in it.

Nothing that you experience is real. When I say it’s not real, I mean it isn’t consciousness,
it’s created by consciousness and it’s an illusion that’s part of your movie. It’s just a
hologram. It’s all completely made up. It’s all a creation of your consciousness. Your
expanded self controls what goes into the pattern, in the field. Your expanded self
controls what manifests in your illusion. And your expanded self is what we’re calling
divine consciousness.

Other people are your creations, who serve three purposes in your experience:
1) They reflect something that you think or feel about yourself.
2) They give you the gift of information or insight of some kind to support you
on your journey.
3) They may set something into motion that supports you on your journey.

We all start life out with a specific mission or purpose. There’s something specific that
we came here to do. That part of us we call the divine self, who knows what this is, and
from behind the scenes, is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help us fulfill this

Everybody that’s in your movie is part of the illusion. Your brain, your body, your
subconscious mind, what you call your conscious mind, are all part of the illusion.
The only thing that’s real is the field that expresses the pattern the real you created,
which is your expanded self.

Consciousness is energy. Consciousness is power. It is who we are. It’s the power that
creates the patterns, energizes them, and pops things in according to who we are. And
whatever amount of power is needed in order to energize a particular pattern and create
a particular hologram, we apply to it.  The truth is it makes absolutely no difference what’s
going in the movie. If you don’t know how you’re going to pay a bill in the next month;
your business is failing; your wife hates you; your kids are yelling at you because you’re
gone all the time or you’re making money hand over fist and you have a thriving business
and you’re this and that. Whatever it is and however you would judge or label it makes
absolutely no difference.

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