Monnica Sepulveda
Medium, Intuitive Therapist and Numerologist
Check up From The Neck up


A Personal Note From Monnica
Greetings! How would you like to lower your stress level right now?
Investing a few minutes of your time for the purpose of lowering any
stresswould probably be a really good idea, don't you think? I have
the way for you to accomplish this. I have created an original and
unique page that I call, "A CHECK UP FROM THE NECK UP."
There is no other like it. It will take about three to four minutes of
your precious time, and you will feel and see results right here and
right now. Does this sound good to you?

I have dedicated my entire life as a humanitarian with a purpose for
over 38 years of study in all things that align ourselves with a direct
and clear connection with God, or as I refer to as "my Higher Power."
or The Universe, the powerful I AM!

This connection allows us to intuit the voice of God. It is our intuition,
our gut. our instincts.   As we become more attuned to this amazing
connection, and stay connected everyday, we also become more in
tune and more empathetic with one another, with nature, and with
the animal kingdom.  We also continue to increase our personal
power, we create a more fulfilling life and we experience more

Many people only strive and set goals that bring them financial
rewards because it buys them the material things that they want.
This gives them the illusion of peace of mind and temporary feelings
of achievement or euphoria, but those feelings fade, & they fade
fast. So they set new external goals and worry, strive some more,
and live in fear. What if they fail? What if success doesn't last?
This makes life harder than it should be. There is very little experience
of joy, and too many negative repercussions such as disease or
ill health. They don't even get to enjoy the things that they bought.
How nuts is that?

Well, guess what? Here is the secret! 
The 'by product' for focusing on and achieving internal goals such
as peace of mind, is external success called financial reward. We
are supposed to "have it all." It starts from the inside out, not the
other way around. "If you don't go within, go without." 

Think about this for a moment.  We are living in 2 dimensions.
The inner world and the outer world.

Our inner world is where we create what we want by what we think
about and what we're feeling and believing all day long.  The Universe
receives that information and manifests THAT information for us.
We can talk about what we want all day long, but it's what's going
on inside of us, that we're going to manifest and experience!

Einstein got it right when he said E=mc2. Energy turns to matter.
What is energy?  Our thoughts, feelings, visualizations and beliefs! 
93% of our communication is non verbal and this is what the Universe
is constantly receiving from us, so it only makes sense to monitor what
we're thinking, feeling, visualizing and believing about ourselves and
about our lives.  So when you're not in a good place, & are experiencing
too much stress, remember this section.  It's time to come to this place.
It's time for "A Check Up From The Neck Up."

One of the simplest secrets are the benefits of using sound & color for
the purpose of balancing & lowering your stress. It promotes better health
and well being. When was the last time you felt serene or calm? Would
you believe that some people actually interpret calmness as boredom?

Here is how "A Check Up From The Neck Up" works:
I am providing you with fifty beautiful and thought provoking pictures
  on fifty separate pages, that you can gaze upon and use as an open-eyed
meditation. Most of these amazing pictures are painted by artists that you
can locate on the LINKS page.

As you take a few minutes to look at each picture, breathe in the
colors,and breathe in the energy.  Mentally tell yourself that you
now CHOOSE to let go of any negativity in your life as you exhale.
Give it all up. Let it go.  "Let go, Let GOD." Allow balance to take
place. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Don't concentrate. Concentrating requires effort on your part.
Let your thoughts flow, and relax. Let whatever positive feelings
come to you from the image, and let them bathe your entire being
from head to toe. Visualize a better day or a better life.

Below each image there is a song that corresponds to the image. 
You can choose to listen to that song if you wish. When the music
begins, close your eyes and begin to take slow and very deep
breaths. Inhale from your nose and hold it as long as you can.
Then exhale slowly from your mouth.  This will really slow down
the nervous system which gives you a sense of calmness and
serenity. Simultaneously, it cleanses your blood stream and
releases endorphins, which are located in the brain. Endorphins
change your state of mind, reduces pain, and it also breaks
depression.  Your total investment for all of the benefits is about
three to four minutes of your time, unless you find that that the
pictures are so spectacular that you just have to see more of them.

Visit this section anytime you feel overwhelmed, and tell others about it.
Make this as important as any daily routine. We make time to work out
physically, now it's time to make time for our inner work out, our daily

Create a great life.  It's only a thought and a choice away!
With warm regards,



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